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"While at war, both sides sensed a strange occurrence; something, or somebody else was watching them, in the comfort of a parallel dimension; an ethereal plane, one of many; of an infinite set.
But before much could be ascertained, The Protocol unleashed its ultimate weapon: a procedure designed to wipe the universe clean.


The procedure was executed. For a second, all seemed lost. But suddenly, the humans saw the light once more.
They were brought back from the void; revived by an entity concealed in between worlds; for it realized its mistake. That something else; that ethereal plane, opened before them. The Creator.

By granting all-encompassing power to The Protocol, it had wrongly sealed the humans' fate. Everything that built up to that point was insurmountably predetermined. But so were the actions of The Protocol: trapping the universe in a cycle, life served as nothing but recurring fuel to its cause of destruction.
Breaking the cycle was the key to be freed from its grasp.
After their revival, something changed in them. Altered them. Now, somehow, it seemed within reach."

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