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The Humans and The Protocol sensed a strange occurrence; something, or somebody else watched them war from the shadows of a parallel dimension; one of an infinite set.

But before The Humans could find an answer, The Protocol shielded itself, and unleashed its ultimate weapon: a procedure designed to finish what it started.


The procedure was executed.

For a second, the war seemed all but lost.

But suddenly, The Humans saw the light once more.

They were brought back from the void; revived by an entity concealed in between worlds, now away from its eternal neutrality.

God of all entities.

Maker of all that exists.

The Creator.


By granting great power to The Protocol, The Creator had wrongly sealed the fate of The Humans.

Their universe, trapped in a neverending cycle, served as nothing but recurring fuel to The Protocol’s cause.

Breaking the cycle would be the first step.

Upon their revival, something had changed in them. Altered them.

Now, somehow, it seemed within reach.

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