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New Year Protocol 8 - Override (3000px)_7.1.1.jpg


The Shield was broken.

In the nick of time, The Creator had burst in, and interfered with Termination, undoing the wreckage.

The Humans had looked death in the eye, and survived.

Now, it all made sense.

The Gatekeeper watched as they realized: perhaps confronting death was not the end, but a means, a necessary step toward their ultimate goal.

Understand, and embrace death.

The Gatekeeper joined their cause.


Bearing power anew, the Humans, alongside their new ringed ally, grasped their last chance with both hands. The mind would endure; persist against the machine. Override it.

The Protocol began to show signs of failure - something it could not explain.


Irrational, unburdened rage.


Before its core could falter, The Protocol performed a frenzied escape, and vanished from The Unknown, and therefore Human reach, halting the Override.

But its whereabouts would not remain a secret for long.

The predator had become the prey.

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