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about me

Who is modus?

The life of Spanish musician modus (real name Pablo “Paul” Pérez) has always been surrounded by music. Building up on more than a decade of piano and academic experience, modus began his solo project in 2014, and has since solidified an iconic composition style featuring a seamless blend of electronic and hybrid orchestral soundscapes.

His vision for a tightly interwoven, story-driven discography has cemented him as an auteur figure in the scene, most well known for the one of a kind "New Year Protocol Series", a 10-year storytelling and worldbuilding project whose connected universe has crossed the musical realm, and into other forms of visual media.


He has been recognized by long-time inspirations and household names the world over such as Xilent, Au5, Chime, Sharks, Ace Aura & Convexity - his work making its way to Seven Lions's Ophelia Records, Flux Pavilion and Doctor P's Circus Records, SLANDER's Heaven Sent, Rushdown, Most Addictive and Disciple, among others.


A young prodigy, modus pioneers the sound of the realm beyond; music from the heart, for the mind.

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