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about me

Who is modus?

Pablo "Paul" Pérez, known as modus, is a music artist from Spain born in 2001 and active since 2014. Spanning a wide variety of electronic sounds, his unmistakable, high-concept composition style, and tightly interwoven, story-driven discography has positioned him as an iconic figure in the melodic/colour bass scene.


Meticulous in his production, he's the brains behind the one-of-a-kind music storytelling saga The New Year Protocol Series, anthems that have made their way to Seven Lions' Ophelia Records, SLANDER’s Heaven Sent, Chime’s Rushdown, Most Addictive and Disciple - among others - as well as collaborations with renowned artists such as Sharks and Skybreak, working on official remixes for Ace Aura & Millennial Trash and Au5, being supported by landmarks of the scene like UKF Dubstep and long-time inspirations such as Xilent, and stopping at nothing to satisfy his creative vision.

With a music theory and piano background that spans more than a decade, modus pioneers the sound of the realm beyond; music from the heart, for the mind.

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