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about me

Who is modus?

The life of Spanish musician 'modus' (real name Pablo “Paul” Pérez) has always been surrounded by music, despite being born into a non-artistic family. After more than a decade of piano and academic studies, he began his solo project in 2014, and has since solidified an iconic style that features the ultimate blend of electronic and hybrid orchestral sounds.

His story-driven, tightly interwoven discography cements him as an irreplaceable figure in the scene, best known for works like The New Year Protocol Series, a 10-year worldbuilding project whose connected universe, akin to those seen in the world's greatest film sagas, has reached beyond the musical realm into other forms of visual media.


He is recognized by long-time inspirations and household names the world over such as Xilent, Au5, Chime, Sharks, Ace Aura & Convexity - his magic working its way to Seven Lions's Ophelia Records, Flux Pavilion and Doctor P's Circus Records, SLANDER's Heaven Sent, Rushdown, Most Addictive and Disciple, among others.


A young prodigy, modus pioneers the sound of the realm beyond; music from the heart, for the mind.

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