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I'll mix and master your track!

Leave your track in good hands for the final step of production!

- Up to 60 stems OR 6 minutes*

- 4 day (96 hour) turnaround

- Up to 2 free revisions

- 24bit, 48khz lossless delivery

- Use of professional digital mastering tools




*Higher stem count or length might vary price

Learn production with me!

Prefer a more tailored approach? Book a 1-on-1 lesson and I'll help you personally over Discord or Zoom, including screen & audio sharing, with all things electronic music!

- Sound design

- Developing ideas & styles

- Storytelling tropes in music

- Hands-on feedback

- DJ tips

- Marketing advice, branding

- Other content creation tips

1h / 60€
1.5h / 80€

Some of my resume:

- Released in Rushdown, Exobolt, Heaven Sent, MA Music, Ophelia Records
- Advanced Sound Technician Certification
- Pearson HND in Sound Media
- Featured in UKF Dubstep

Don't take my word for it!



"I took a lesson from modus and it's broken me out of an extremely deep mixing hole - DEFINITELY recommend, learned all about stem mixing and it's made everything so much easier"



"The knowledge that Paul shares is one you don't usually find anywhere. Anything from a simple motif to a full orchestration - it's all there!"



 "The sheer amount of information you can learn from Paul's lessons is crazy. Be it sound design, mixing and mastering, or how to get inspiration for your songs, he will do his best to help newer producers like myself, as well as the experienced. Each lesson was more useful than the last - I wouldn't be anywhere near my current skill level without his help." 



"modus provided some great tips and tricks for the mastering chain I had designed for my record. He’s got great ears for dynamics and EQ, a fast efficient workflow, and is both professional and hilarious. I'd recommend him without hesitation!"



"I took a few lessons and it completely skyrocketed my music production skills including mixing, mastering, sound design, and songwriting. The lessons are very in-depth yet still very fun and easy to understand. If you want to level up your production, LET HIM COOK!"


Let's get started!

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Sent! I'll come back to you as soon as Humanly possible... ;)

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